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Project finance solutions from Balmoral

Balmoral know what it takes to get a development project up and running. With a deep insight of property development and funding, Balmoral is superbly positioned to offer a project finance solution tailored to your specific requirements.

In today’s economic climate, securing project finance to get a development project started – or even to take an existing development project to the next stage, can be a difficult prospect. Blank refusals from many ‘traditional’ lenders are typical. Even when the viability of a project can be demonstrated clearly, project finance can be difficult to raise. This can be even more frustrating where relevant planning permission is already in place and the project is ready to start.

The answer comes in the form of project finance solutions from Balmoral. There is a real need for project finance from a lender that deeply understands the unique characteristics of the property development marketplace. Whether you are developing a new project from the ground up or renovating an existing building, we provide project finance solutions to help you get your project started.

project finance

Dealing directly with a lender

We are a private lender and underwrite our own loans so there are no unnecessary delays. Balmoral is in a position to evaluate your application and give you decision within 48 hours.

Expert in-house Consultants

Balmoral’s in-house project development consultants have over 15 years experience in property development and management. They help evaluate your proposal and development project in order for us to make informed underwriting decisions. Our consultants are involved throughout the project as they monitor your development project closely on our behalf to ensure everything is on track and also authorise the release of funds at agreed milestones.

Potential Joint Ventures

Balmoral are in a position to consider Joint Venture projects with experienced developers. In Joint Ventures, we are able to not only provide the project finance and manage the financial aspects of the development but also provide advice and guidance on the overall management of the development leaving the developer to concentrate on what you do best ‘building’.

Contact us and one of our team will call to discuss your enquiry.

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