Commercial Development Finance

Flexible commercial development finance to meet your business needs

Seeking finance to fund your commercial development? Balmoral is able to tailor ideal solutions for individual clients.

A commercial development finance arrangement from Balmoral is a form of short-term finance secured against the property being built or renovated.

In contrast to many lenders, Balmoral takes a flexible approach and can provide commercial development finance for all types of commercial development including:

  • Construction of new industrial/commercial premises
  • Refurbishment of commercial properties
  • Office extensions
  • Conversion of commercial properties for residential uses

commercial development finance

Applications considered on a case-by-case basis

Balmoral is a direct lender – which means we have complete control over the underwriting and application process. A team of in-house consultants enables us to reach decisions on applications swiftly. Expert analysis of proposals on an individual basis means we can often provide commercial development finance solutions to individuals who have been let down by the rigid policies operated by many high street lenders.

Joint Venture Projects

Balmoral is able to consider joint venture partnership arrangements in relation to many types of commercial developments. With our team of experienced development consultants, our ability to take care of the financial and regulatory aspects of the development – together with our experience in sourcing buyers, a JV partnership with Balmoral may be exactly what your development needs.

Contact us and one of our team will discuss your circumstances and provide you with a Director’s decision and quotation within a few hours.

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